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How To Find Purpose | What Is The Purpose Of Life?

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The other day, I watched this video about the scale of our universe and how small we really are. I’ll link it below.

Part of it was, this photo taken by the Voyager 1. 3.7 billion miles away. The Pale Blue Dot, as it’s known.

This was one of those eye-opening moments for me that kind of broke my brain. I can’t even comprehend a distance of 3.7 billion miles. And then to think that a man-made thing made it out that far. Then to think that we know that for 3.7 billion miles (at least) there is this cosmic nothingness and we are alone floating within it.

This sent me down the rabbit hole of figuring out existence. Quantum physics, the history of the universe, the Big Bang, religious views and the whole nine. In any case, the conclusion I got to was the mere impossibility of us even existing.  

The impossibility of any of it. This one lone planet in a sea of nothingness. These cells that grow into a body with a consciousness. So many billions of processes have to go right for us to even come into existence then maintain that existence. There has to be the perfect path of the Earth in space, avoiding asteroids and solar flares to engulf us all. The perfect composition of our atmosphere that permits our mechanism of physiologic existence.

All that doesn’t even account for the emotions and abilities of humans to end civilization at a moment’s notice through nuclear weapons.

Every single day you and I wake up, all of that and a billion other things have to go right for our eyes to open that morning.

I watched it all over and over again, trying to make sense of it. I got up from my desk feeling like quitting my job and just not doing anything. What’s the point? What’s the point of any of this?

We come into this world in a set of circumstances as a certain character and we have no say in any of it.

If all goes will we get about 75-90 years of this experience, then it’s a wrap. A couple generations go by and no one remembers you were here, all your big problems and accomplishments, all the things that were important to you, no one cares.

How many times have you thought of the queen since she passed? She was the epitome of wealth, adoration (by most) and status. And here you are, going about your day without so much as a thought about her.

So why then? Why are you and I here, in this time, in this body? What is the purpose of life? It’s a question that has plagued humanity for eons and lead to many a theories, philosophies and ideologies trying to come up with an answer.

Have we made any progress in answering it? I don’t think so.

Is it worth answering? Is there an answer? I think so.

I believe this is a question that is asked by self. And answered by self. Everyone asks this question at a point in their lives where it becomes important to them. It’s not so important when you are still taking care of survival; food, water, shelter. But after you answer the lower level questions, it becomes the only question left.

Then the rest of life beyond that point is spent trying to answer it.

In my particular set of beliefs, I think every being of consciousness comes into the world with particular seeds of potential and a role to play.

Then life is spent uncovering and bringing that potential to life through action, reflection and iteration.

We all know intuitively when we are on that correct path or not. More in this post about how to get in touch with that intuition:

See, there is a reason why there are people obsessed with music theory or the study of fresh water bodies or history, or ecological science. Other than history, having to put any thought or effort into any of the above would make me want to shoot myself.

There are things I am interested in and commit my time to that you would become nauseated thinking about.

I don’t think that’s arbitrary. I don’t think that’s nothing. I believe that’s how it was made to be by whoever or whatever put us here. You following your own set of obsessions and curiosities and making something of that is one of your purposes in this world, as it is mine.

The difficult part is in believing that and actually following through on it. Most of us get distracted by what society considers “success” and puts on a pedestal, to determine what we should do in our own lives.

We get obsessed with other people’s opinions of us and what they would think about what we are doing rather than getting obsessed with that faint voice of our conscience and what it is asking us to do.

This is every unfulfilled doctor, lawyer or engineer that had the seeds of being an artist, a musician, a painter, a storyteller.

We put aside the beautiful voice we have and our love for singing, for spreadsheets and climbing corporate ladders.

We put aside the curiosity of philosophy and go after the clear-cut path of becoming accountants and labourers.

The more off-path we live, the more we resort to escapism to give us momentary, false, joy. We drink, we smoke, we eat, and we chase empty sex.

The more we stay off path, the more soulless our eyes become. The less joy we feel and the more numb we become. The more we turn into flesh and blood existing for survival and propagation than human beings striving for contribution or the building of life’s work.

When I was forcing myself to be a Forex trader, to make easy money, I knew I was off path.

When I was forcing myself to become a surgeon for the title and status, I knew I was off path.

When I was operating the conveyer belt of modern medicine as a traditional physician, I knew I was off path.

When I write these public journal entries to make sense of my thoughts, I know I am exactly where I belong. Maybe no one will read them. Maybe no one will watch the videos. Maybe they will and they won’t like them. Maybe I won’t make a penny off this and everything I spend on it is money burned.

But just creating and building these, the process of it, puts my soul in its rightful place of service and purposefulness. I know I am doing at least part of what I was put here to do.

I don’t know where it will lead, if anywhere. I don’t know how long it will last. But right here, right now, today, this is my purpose for this moment.

You don’t have to have just one purpose. You will have seasons of life with different purposes and they will all culminate into your grand purpose on the stage of your life as a whole.

In my thinking, the purpose of life is to advance consciousness and carry the whole forward by doing what we are meant to do. By chasing our curiosities, and building around them. By reflecting on our pain and passing forward the lesson. By learning from our mistakes and helping others avoid them. By seeing a dream of possibilities then chasing it to reality.

This sounds grand but the role itself can come in different shapes and sizes. Not everyone will have documentaries made and biographies written about their purpose. Not everyone will build a billion-dollar business or find the next big scientific discovery. But rest assured, doing your soul’s work will be a deposit into the great bank of human consciousness, and in that regard, one is equal to the other.

Every famous novel that is written and story that is told advances consciousness by opening the reader/watcher’s eyes to a world that didn’t exist before.

  • Think about every business that exists around toys and accessories related to things and worlds that aren’t even real (Harry Potter, Game of Thrones)
  • Every song that is written that elicits an emotional response

Every new business or technology has the ability to transform how humanity runs its everyday functions. See; cars, phones, computers. All due to an individual following his/her curiosities and starting the process by laying the first brick.

  • Elon Musk and space (or just about everything)
  • Steve Jobs and the iPhone
  • Wright Brothers and flying

Every painful experience reflected upon and forced to be productive, changes existence and makes it better for the next batch of consciousness that comes through.

  • All the medical discoveries we have and our ability to treat previously deadly diseases
  • Somebody had to study the plagues and their remedies, and that was their purposeful contribution
  • Somebody had to build the sewage systems we have to keep us healthy (purpose doesn’t always look pretty or sound cool)

The process may begin at a small scale for you, this is the real world after all. You have bills to pay, people to be responsible for. Do in the free minutes of your day. The hours on the weekend. Keep building and watering the seeds until it becomes what you do with all of your time.

The process may begin as a superficial pursuit. You have a chip on your shoulder and you want to be insanely rich to prove people wrong. Fine. But what you build in pursuit of that will end up helping many, by definition.

You might start going to the gym and trying to get jacked out of the anger of a bad break up. No problem. What you learn through that process and how you apply it to others will end up being a contribution. You might become a coach for others, you don’t know.

But in any case, your role is the same. To answer this question for yourself, and to do your part to live in tune with your inner voice because the result of that is consciousness advancing to its next level.

Your existence and you living in pursuit of your purpose, guided by your intuition, makes the world a better place for all of us and the characters of consciousness that will follow us.

So please, follow your genuine curiosities. Solve problems that you are inherently drawn towards solving. Reflect on your pains and pass forward the lessons that you have learned.

Turn up the volume on your inner voice and tune out the voice of society, that for the most part is living just to exist from one day to the next.

Your purpose and particular set of interests may not sound pretty or be considered “cool” but they were given to you, for only you to build something out of.

Serve the purpose that you were tasked with, by uncovering it through your actions. The progress of consciousness is counting on you.


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